Cyber Security

Technology helps you run your business efficiently, track data, and see trends. Connecting new devices increases productivity and opens potential security breaches.  Protecting proprietary information, business processes, and your customer’s data is paramount to business success.  The cost of ignoring cyber security measures for your data, devices, IT network, business operations systems, and physical infrastructure could result in lost reputation, lost revenue, increased costs, business disruptions, and the loss of customer trust.

Whether a breach already occurred or you want to take preventative measures, ISM’s experienced security professionals can provide you with timely and effective solutions to your cyber security needs.

We will work with you to identify your needs, understand your business goals, and build a solution that will grow with your organization.

Our team has the highest level of cyber security experience in federal and state government, healthcare, and other commercial sectors. Your organization can leverage their expertise and have the satisfaction of knowing your systems and data are secure.


ISM’s security professionals can assess your security program and provide a strategic and tactical security roadmap. Our team of experts have decades of experience working with government services requirements, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOX, FERPA, and more, ensuring that the team that works for you understands your industry, your industry’s standards and requirements, and your business culture.

Services include:

  • Penetration testing
  • Forensics – Digital & Physical
  • Compliance – GDPR, DFARS, SOX, HIPPA, HI-TRUST, PCI-DSS, and more…..
  • Assessments – Threat Matrix, Risk Assessments, and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Reporting & Monitoring
  • Security Operations Center

Virtual CISO

ISM’s Virtual CISO program matches your organization with executive security specialists who can help build, guide, and grow your cyber security solution to support your business goals. A vCISO is an excellent option for a small or mid-size organization that needs on-going security support and guidance but doesn’t have the staffing capacity for a full-time person. Using a vCISO from ISM frees up your existing IT staff to focus on other projects while leveraging the experience of a security executive to lead the protection of your business assets.

Interim CISO

For larger organizations, ISM offers Interim CISO services to help bridge the gap when a CISO position becomes vacant. ISM can provide qualified security experts to help maintain your business security during the transition and, if needed, assist in the search for a replacement through our Talent Acquisition program.